Can’t install Visual Studio 2008 trial

Nice, MS, nice.

Vista Business. Get a license registry permissions error that can’t be fixed.

Reinstall doesn’t work.

ok, this is running under Parallels. So, I reverted to a prior snapshot before I ever installed VS STudio express or the trial. Removed all software traces through add/remove panel. Then reinstalled the trial. Still got the license error.

Going to try this workaround:

ok, that didn’t work either. The registry data didn’t exist on my system after uninstalling VS 2k8 trial.


ok, tried setting the permissions directly on those license keys. Windows won’t allow me to change the permissions, even though I’m logged in as the owner of the keys. wtf? Is this a core breakdown in registry permissions¬†propagation¬†in Vista? screw it. What a waste of time.

OK, update 9/18/2008

It turned out to be a problem w/ Parallels running on OSX. The disk sharing feature of Parallels was buggy and it messed up the install location for some of the files of VS Studio.  I turned off this feature and was able to install successfully.

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