Fiber Optic in San Francisco

Talked to an SBC/ATT rep today.

They said SF gets Fiber Optic laid to new apartment buildings and select newly built homes.

They said that my neighborhood, Western Addition, will not get the copper replaced with fiber optic (ever), because the state of California does not require SBC to offer higher speed than what we get. We currently max out on the 3Mbps ADSL, though they offer 6Mbps to neighborhoods w/ fiber lines.

This isn’t fiber to the home. SBC never plans to pay to replace copper to the home. (unlike Verizon).  If you are one of the lucky few to live in a brand new place in SF with the fiber, SBC will offer 25Mbps download speeds. (Didn’t get the cost or the upload, but it would not be synchronous).

At least they keep dropping the price for the crappy DSL. It’s down to $25/mo, but that is really $40/mo b/c we have to pay for a phone line. The phone is only used to dial in for DirectTV Tivo listings.

Crazy how San Francisco has the bottom of the barrel residential broadband for the entire United States.

Hopefully, WiMax will get offered to residents in the next year or two and change the whole scene.

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