McAfee rolls out new Nightmare Support Center

McAfee pushed out an alpha version of their new support center online. They removed access to the old site that worked. They also threw away the registration data of users that used the old site.

Now they are unable to register new users.

We have a patch missing in our corporate antivirus. It causes machines to enter a nonstrop reboot cycle.

McAfee says they don’t automatically distribute patches. They also don’t have a mailing list to tell customers when the patches are released. The only way to get the patch is login to the new site.
Their new site uses malformed XML. So, it crashes in Firefox. They don’t tell you on the website (before it crashes) that they do not support Firefox.

Astounding incompetency  on a scale that impacts millions of corporate users.

McAfee, Network Associates, may have seen the last of my company’s dollars for good.

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