Webdav: How to get MS WebDav to work in a LAN.

You must use Network Places.
File > Open in IE (use web folders), will not work.

Server: Windows 2003 SP1, IIS 6, in Active Directory Domain
Clients: Windows XP SP2


My Network Place
Add Network Place
Choose another network location
http://mycompany.dyndns.org:80/myfolder/ (uses open Internet)
http://sf-server-02.mydomain.local:80/myfolder/ (uses VPN tunnel)

put in username and password, and click ‘Save Password.’
May have to do this 2 times.

If your icon under ‘My Network Places’ has a folder with an Earth symbol on it, it probably worked.
If it has a folder with a piece of paper, then it failed.


http://mycompany.dyndns.org:80/myfolder/ PASSED

without trailing ‘/’ PASSED ( but why risk it.)

with local name. (use sf-server-02.mydomain.local instead) PASSED

without :80 (either local or internet name) FAILED

without dyndns.org or fully qualified domain name. (use sf-server-02 instead) FAILED

without a subfolder at all FAILED


Then test moving it back and forth. Does it work?
Yes. Cannot copy over a ‘locked’ file.
You can copy over an unlocked file, same as anywhere.

Netbios and WINS are disabled in this network.
Pure DNS network.

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