intellij Patch Tool – Fail

I love intellij most of the time.
But the patch tool sucks. Any tool that leaves you in an unknown state with no messaging after a problem sucks.

I have 8 files in a patch. I work through 4 files using the diff tool. Then inexplicably Intellij decides not to use the diff tool on the next file and it just throws an error about a single line change, and leaves me in an inconsistent state. Awesome. Exactly what I do not want it to ever, ever, ever do! Did the 4 files get totally patched? Did the other 3 patch without a problem? Did the 9 changes in the bad file get applied before the problem line?

How freakin’ hard could it be to just keep sending me to the diff tool when there’s not a clear automated fix for a line?
And give me summary of what just happened to my code.

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