parking carma == vaporware

Parking Carma? Why oh why can’t you get your shit together? What’s it been 3, 4, 5 years without delivering on the promise of creating a market place for all the untapped parking in the world? All the ideas are there, the same ones that loads of us have had. But not a single feature on the site worked! (except for the registration. hooray?)

Parking Carma has made a facade based on a strong feature set, but it doesn’t work in downtown San Francisco, and that means it doesn’t work. (Especially when the company contact phone numbers start with 415.)

I could not reserve a parking place in San Francisco.
I could not offer to sell my excess parking place in San Francisco.

ok, it looks like it only works at some BART stops and a couple other places…that they were touting in 2005! However, the site is set up pretending to be selling spaces all over downtown and SF, but they end up being all greyed out links.

It’s starting to feel like this is an example of Microsoft’s classic FUD to keep other, more competent companies out of this market.

And have some self respect and lighten up on the Google ad words?

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