Best Photo Sharing Widgets

ok, you would think this was wildly known and popular, but sharing your photos outside of Facebook in a widget has not caught on. Well, there’s a lot of use cases where it rocks. The official Facebook photo widget is horrible. I knew that I could write one pretty easily, so somebody else had to have done it. The only one I’ve found that is good comes from Slide:
It works for other social networks (Myspace) too. Unfortunately, Slide doesn’t know how to do SEO, so you’ll never find this by searching for ‘facebook photo widget’. (Well, to be honest, I went to a youtube review of facebook photo widgets that showed in my search results. How roundabout is that?)

Check it out:

Also, the official Flickr slideshow widget is head’s and tails above all other 3rd party Flickr widgets. You’ve got to try the fullscreen button. And, it supports my videos too! Nobody else has functionality that good in a slideshow widget. Unfortunately, they don’t advertise it well. So, here’s the link to get started:

And an example:

These two widgets officially handle all my widget slide show sharing needs.
Well, no one has made a Facebook video widget yet…

Now, if they just



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