zooomr.com: fail

I write software to connect Flickr and Facebook. I’m interested when I hear there is another photo company on the web that supports unlimited storage and bandwidth for photos.  A blog post links me to Zooomer.com, which supposedly has all this for FREE! Wow! Maybe Flickr’s days of $25 Pro accounts are numbered.

Then, I spend 10 minutes clicking every link on Zooomer’s site, trying to figure out what service they offer. Seriously, they don’t put a description of their plan on any highly trafficed, visible part of their site. (Or I am blind today.) Heck, if the blog post hadn’t told me that this site hosts your personal photos, I wouldn’t even know that they support that!

I went to the forum to ask what the deal was. Unfortunatley, their OpenID support is broken with my yahoo openid. I’m not signing up with my email after all that.

Since, I can’t post this information in their own forum, I figured I’d put it on my blog.

Zooomer. WTF?

What do I get from you if I create an account with your site? What service are you providing for me?

Do you want money from me?  What would I get in exchange for my dollars?

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