Where I find value from Twitter

I usually find twitter to be pretty worthless for me my life.

However, tonight (April Fool’s Eve), I went to youtube. Got a 500 error. So, I went to:


However, they don’t parse error messages, so they reported that the site was up.

So, I went to twitter and searched for ‘youtube’, and all the tweets about the service dropping for lots of users showed up.

Point to Twitter.

In much the same way, the only other useful feature I like on Twitter is when it is  paired with GPS on my iPhone so that I can get location aware tweets. I was inside a music venue on Election night this year, wondering where everyone was. I used Twinkle and found out there was a street party outside with cops blocking off the ends to contiain the crowd of Obama revelers. Much better experience than the Independent at that point.

About 1.5 years ago, I was working late in North Beach and I heard explosions that mildly shook the blinds of the building. I couldn’t find information anywhere online. I called some friends, and they could hear the noise and police helicopters. However, they had no idea either. Nothing in the papers or on Google the next day. I still don’t know what caused all of that noise. Twitter would have given me the answer.

So, I guess I like to ask questions from Twitter, that only a service like Twitter can answer. That’s the Twitter value for me. (And the cost is sifting through  the firehose of useless updates about what’s for lunch 🙂

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