Setting up Hudson, Maven and Jetty Service on Windows

One gotcha with this setup. By default, Hudson will correctly persist all the jobs you create into C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\.hudson

However, Hudson will not attempt to load any of  jobs or configuration from this default location after your first reboot because the Jetty service starts before a user is logged in to the system. i.e. It no longer has a way way to know which user profile to use.

Therefore, you need to manually set HUDSON_HOME in your System Environment Variables to C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\.hudson

Then reboot and all your previous jobs will be happily running.

Maven gotcha:

The maven repository will end up being on your system drive at c:\.m2 after your reboot. It will start in your user directory under .m2. However, when you need to add custom libraries directly to the repository, or update the settings.xml, the proper place appears to be c:\.m2



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