Building a better nextbus iphone site

Nextbus sends my shiny new 3g iphone to their lame mobile site. The iphone can handle the superior ajax interface, so why redirect me and  impede my experience?

So, like I any code dev, I started monkeying with fixing it. So far, I’ve just proxied it using ruby’s hpricot gem on dreamhost. Have plans to generate Nextbus’ sms alert’s for your right on the page for each stop, so you can enjoy a latte without constantly checking to see how many minutes away your bus is.

Unfortunately for this project, I started riding my bicycle 5 days a week to work, and my displeasure with nextbus on the iphone has waned for now. (Plus, I’m pretty sure they aren’t stoked that I’m scraping their site 🙂

You can check out the alpha here:

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