Is Linux ready to be your desktop OS in 2008?


Not for lack of trying, but I’m looking into installing XenServer Express (as soon as I upgrade to a VT supported cpu), and running Ubuntu side by side with Windows while sharing data between the two with NFS. I had vmware 2 RC1 running under Ubuntu. Put XP on there, but sound won’t work. Our house is musically networked with Itunes and it’s kind of a bitch not to be able to tap into that in my room. Plus Vmware 2.0 won’t share a drive directly into the virtual box, so Itunes is trying to pull all the music off over the wifi network. This just crushes out internal network. When you consider all the time I’ve spent getting the janky pre-release of vmware running, it’s just not worth it anymore. And yes, It’s a little crazy to install a new cpu just to run xenserver.

For now, I think I’ll just enjoy my macbook pro and iphone. 🙂

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