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Jquery autocomplete plugin fix for single click focus

Jquery autocomplete forces a double click to get the drop down to show up. That’s no good for me. I’m using the jQuery autocomplete plugin instead of a Select box drop down. It needs to have the attributes of a … Continue reading

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FlickrJ’s ThreadLocal gotcha

If you use Desktop license from Flickr, you have to use the RequestContext class as follows from the FlickrJ examples: Auth token =; RequestContext.getRequestContext().setAuth(token); RequestContext stores the token in a ThreadLocal variable. To be brief, I’m running an app … Continue reading

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Where I find value from Twitter

I usually find twitter to be pretty worthless for me my life. However, tonight (April Fool’s Eve), I went to youtube. Got a 500 error. So, I went to: However, they don’t parse error messages, so they reported that … Continue reading

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Setting up Hudson, Maven and Jetty Service on Windows

One gotcha with this setup. By default, Hudson will correctly persist all the jobs you create into C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\.hudson However, Hudson will not attempt to load any of  jobs or configuration from this default location after your first reboot … Continue reading

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