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Runtime Static vs Dynamic Linking

So, I use Boost libraries in a Windows unmanaged C++ project. If I use Dynamic linking and redistribute the executable to another windows system, I would have to provide the Boost dll and lib (import library) files. Either in the … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Comp Sci at SFSU

Resources: – Safari online book subscriptions for all students. Hands down the single best, cheapest resource for a comp sci student. Wish I had it. – Subversion Versioning System: Should be available for every project a student and/or team … Continue reading

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TortoiseSVN Tips (including how to skip typing your password a million times)

Here’s the format for the address at SFSU (San Francisco State University). You cannot use the ~username shortcut, like you can in Apache. It must be the full path. svn+ssh:// You must use the svn + ssh combo. Just svn … Continue reading

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