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Webdav: How to get MS WebDav to work in a LAN.

You must use Network Places. File > Open in IE (use web folders), will not work. Server: Windows 2003 SP1, IIS 6, in Active Directory Domain Clients: Windows XP SP2 Instructions: My Network Place Add Network Place Next Choose another … Continue reading

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Why the Microsoft SMB protocol is evil

The Microsoft SMB protocol is evil because it cannot operate over a WAN connection for shit. The design cripples itself in this under this condition. So, while ftp and http traffic are flying, smb forces many applications to essentially fail … Continue reading

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Please fire the Microsoft Webdav team

Will somebody at Microsoft please fire their Webdav team. I believe we are on year 8 of them fucking this standard up. 8 FRIGGIN’ YEARS THESE PEOPLE ARE UNABLE TO DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS! nice. Guess MS forgot to ‘hire … Continue reading

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Why CVS is evil

You can’t reorganize your directory structure once you get started. There’s no ‘MOVE’ concept in cvs. You have to copy it by hand to the new directory, Add it and commit it to cvs, then remove and commit from the … Continue reading

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