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servu ftp hell

Allow FXP in servu ftp server. It fixed the problem….too much to go into now, but I can’t forget this setting.

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Linksys WET54G v3 Annoyances

In Adhoc mode, two WET’s cannot use wpa security and connect to each other. WPA only works in Infrastructure mode. 2 WET’s can only connect in ad-hoc mode. Linksys refuses to post this information on their website. Linksys refuses to … Continue reading

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Big Companies that have no clue about usability

Some companies just cannot grasp the concepts behind good usability. Maybe they’re afraid to spend any money on it. It sucks worst when they have a product or service that I want to use, but I keep getting slammed by … Continue reading

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Improvement to Open Office

OK, This is a nice tutorial on how to open up MS Access Databases in Open Office 2.0. (A glaring hole, that they apparently left on purpose. If you get the pay version of Open Office, you don’t have to … Continue reading

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