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Can’t install Visual Studio 2008 trial

Nice, MS, nice. Vista Business. Get a license registry permissions error that can’t be fixed. Reinstall doesn’t work. — ok, this is running under Parallels. So, I reverted to a prior snapshot before I ever installed VS STudio express or … Continue reading

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Better web hosting

My new host for the past 9 months has been Former hosts: Dreamhost costs more, but if you are a developer, it simply works better. The only thing you can’t do is Java dev, I believe. More … Continue reading

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zip cmd line utilitiy snippet

This zips wp-admin and all its subdirectories into a file named >zip -r ./wp-admin/* Use >unzip utility to unpack it.

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One more cookbook for redirecting http to https in IIS

First, credit to Michael at this site: ok, now for my cookbook description. 1. to secure a whole website. in iis mmc, properties of website, directory security, secure communications, click the ‘Require secure channel, require 128-bit encryption’. 2. now … Continue reading

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Tortoise CVS Move hack

CVS doesn’t support moving files within a repository. (Great program, but didn’t get architected so well, eh? Programmers will want to move project files around in the future? Never happen!) As you may know, a CVS ‘move’ means you have … Continue reading

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Wireless access point troubleshooting tip.

Everything is fine with your wireless router or access point for years or months. Then one day it starts to drop connections every 2 hours or so for no apparent reason. The router doesn’t crash and the router doesn’t add … Continue reading

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how to use stl random_shuffle with seed of your choice on a vector of pointers

I cannot understand why an example of this doesn’t show up anywhere in Google or Google Groups. Hopefully, you found this page before you wasted as much time as I did searching. A. Define a functor class like this one: … Continue reading

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Configuring Visual Studio Unmanaged C++ Solution with Main Project and a Project to Test the Main Project

So, this seemed basic, but no one appears to have written about it on the web. You are in Unmanaged C++ solution in VS. You want a project, and then you want a second project that tests the first project. … Continue reading

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TortoiseSVN Tips (including how to skip typing your password a million times)

Here’s the format for the address at SFSU (San Francisco State University). You cannot use the ~username shortcut, like you can in Apache. It must be the full path. svn+ssh:// You must use the svn + ssh combo. Just svn … Continue reading

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Webdav: How to get MS WebDav to work in a LAN.

You must use Network Places. File > Open in IE (use web folders), will not work. Server: Windows 2003 SP1, IIS 6, in Active Directory Domain Clients: Windows XP SP2 Instructions: My Network Place Add Network Place Next Choose another … Continue reading

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