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My Mobile Office

When I gave up my desktop ubuntu box, I had to find a good mobile solution for that could handle building and running about 7 java web servers with a mix of Oracle and Mysql dbs. i.e I wanted to … Continue reading

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Solved: Activating Maven Profiles by Environment Variable

The maven profiles manual is confusing when it discusses activating maven profiles via environment variables. The examples do not work on Ubuntu, so it’s a tough starting point. Given that you have set an environment variable in bash or system … Continue reading

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Nx Client from Mac to Ubuntu – Alt Key

If you’re here, you probably already know the problem. If you use intellij like I do, I hope this helps with your imports. Given Mac OSX connecting to Ubuntu over NoMachine’s nx client 1. Create and/or or place this in … Continue reading

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Intellij 9 Indexing Bug Workaround

Intellij 9 release on Mac routinely corrupts the index of classes. This manifests itself with compilation errors claiming that classes X,Y,Z cannot be resolved. However, when you check, all the classes are in the right place. Also Intellij correctly compiles … Continue reading

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Restoring syntax highlighting in Intellij

Found and fixed an annoying intellij bug recently. Intellij was having severe stability problems, so I was turning off all plugins and wiping the cache to try to resolve the issues. As a side effect of this, Intellij lost the … Continue reading

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Where I find value from Twitter

I usually find twitter to be pretty worthless for me my life. However, tonight (April Fool’s Eve), I went to youtube. Got a 500 error. So, I went to: However, they don’t parse error messages, so they reported that … Continue reading

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Setting up Hudson, Maven and Jetty Service on Windows

One gotcha with this setup. By default, Hudson will correctly persist all the jobs you create into C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\.hudson However, Hudson will not attempt to load any of  jobs or configuration from this default location after your first reboot … Continue reading

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Developing using 3rd Party REST Servers

I have found it  imperative to create a suite of integration/functional tests for each 3rd party REST site you use in your app. (Facebook, Flickr, Bebo, etc) These should ideally represent the set of API functions that your app is … Continue reading

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When IntelliJ goes bad

Recently, my IntelliJ 8.01 install stopped recognizing annotations w/ syntax highlighting. Then, it wouldn’t commit to subversion unless you removed the ‘optimize imports’ feature. Then, the debugger stopped working for incoming web requests, but it worked fine for debugging unit … Continue reading

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(micro)Scaling A Legacy Web App

I’ve got a client running survey software, Sawtooth WinCati, that was originally written in the 80’s for phone interviewing. The latest version has an ASP web app attached to the original software. Now, it’s hard for a small business to … Continue reading

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