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intellij Patch Tool – Fail

I love intellij most of the time. But the patch tool sucks. Any tool that leaves you in an unknown state with no messaging after a problem sucks. I have 8 files in a patch. I work through 4 files … Continue reading

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parking carma == vaporware

Parking Carma? Why oh why can’t you get your shit together? What’s it been 3, 4, 5 years without delivering on the promise of creating a market place for all the untapped parking in the world? All the ideas are … Continue reading

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I write software to connect Flickr and Facebook. I’m interested when I hear there is another photo company on the web that supports unlimited storage and bandwidth for photos.  A blog post links me to, which supposedly has all … Continue reading

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Eclipse doesn’t have wild card Find function in 2009?

Wow, version 3.4.2 on linux 64-bit. Can’t search through the current page using a wild card. It’s supposed to be there (Regular expressions), but maybe somebody made a mistake in this build of eclipse? Just finding a lot of commonly … Continue reading

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iphone mail – Fail

Wrote my longest ever email on the iphone mail program last night. It went into power save mode a couple times while composing it, and then I sent it. The message is gone. Not in Inbox, Drafts or Sent items. … Continue reading

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Is Linux ready to be your desktop OS in 2008?

No. Not for lack of trying, but I’m looking into installing XenServer Express (as soon as I upgrade to a VT supported cpu), and running Ubuntu side by side with Windows while sharing data between the two with NFS. I … Continue reading

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Ebay Motors fails a top use case

I went to ebay motors. I wanted to see how much it costs to buy a car right now. That means  ‘buy it now’ in ebay language. But ‘buy it now’ is not an option you can use with their … Continue reading

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Can’t install Visual Studio 2008 trial

Nice, MS, nice. Vista Business. Get a license registry permissions error that can’t be fixed. Reinstall doesn’t work. — ok, this is running under Parallels. So, I reverted to a prior snapshot before I ever installed VS STudio express or … Continue reading

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Filezilla 3 for OS X Leopard is horrible

Worst program ever. FTP and even FTP over ssh got solved a long time ago. Frustrating to see a program that fails in every way to fulfill it’s purpose: move files from one server to another. — 2008-12-20 OK, the … Continue reading

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2 wasted weekends

2 hardware failures, leading to hosed OS, leading to recovery effort to save all my data, plus one more hardware snafu. Lovely. Almost done. Changing up partitions so that a bad OS is separated from all the rest of my … Continue reading

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