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Akismet Spam Detection

I don’t know what happened, but the Akismet Spam plugin I put on my WordPress months ago finally kicked in. It cleared out over 2000 spam comments at once, and I revelaed some real comments in moderation that would have … Continue reading

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Ebay Motors fails a top use case

I went to ebay motors. I wanted to see how much it costs to buy a car right now. That meansĀ  ‘buy it now’ in ebay language. But ‘buy it now’ is not an option you can use with their … Continue reading

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Can’t install Visual Studio 2008 trial

Nice, MS, nice. Vista Business. Get a license registry permissions error that can’t be fixed. Reinstall doesn’t work. — ok, this is running under Parallels. So, I reverted to a prior snapshot before I ever installed VS STudio express or … Continue reading

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Filezilla 3 for OS X Leopard is horrible

Worst program ever. FTP and even FTP over ssh got solved a long time ago. Frustrating to see a program that fails in every way to fulfill it’s purpose: move files from one server to another. — 2008-12-20 OK, the … Continue reading

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2 wasted weekends

2 hardware failures, leading to hosed OS, leading to recovery effort to save all my data, plus one more hardware snafu. Lovely. Almost done. Changing up partitions so that a bad OS is separated from all the rest of my … Continue reading

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Better web hosting

My new host for the past 9 months has been Former hosts: Dreamhost costs more, but if you are a developer, it simply works better. The only thing you can’t do is Java dev, I believe. More … Continue reading

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Hacking Quicken

So, I recently bought Quicken for the first time, so that I could do line item tax deductions. Too bad my main credit card company, Chase, artificially limits the data I can import to Quicken. Only 45 days worth. I … Continue reading

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Why does Sun act so unprofessional with their flagship products?

Download the new Java Netbeans 5.5 Several of the samples are broken. Totally unprofessional. Click on ‘Help’. Sun’s entire document website cluster is down. Totally unreliable. What is Sun thinking? Do they realize how poorly the represent their company and … Continue reading

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Fiber Optic in San Francisco

Talked to an SBC/ATT rep today. They said SF gets Fiber Optic laid to new apartment buildings and select newly built homes. They said that my neighborhood, Western Addition, will not get the copper replaced with fiber optic (ever), because … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails on 1and1 shared linux hosting

Can’t be done as far as I can tell. But here are the steps I tried after trying many tutorials. #install ruby mkdir ~/bin/ruby cd ~/bin/ruby wget <a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href=""></a> tar -zxvf ruby-1.8.5.tar.gz cd ruby-1.8.5 ./configure prefix=~/bin/ruby #replace ext/openssl/ossl.h with … Continue reading

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