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Developing using 3rd Party REST Servers

I have found it  imperative to create a suite of integration/functional tests for each 3rd party REST site you use in your app. (Facebook, Flickr, Bebo, etc) These should ideally represent the set of API functions that your app is … Continue reading

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When IntelliJ goes bad

Recently, my IntelliJ 8.01 install stopped recognizing annotations w/ syntax highlighting. Then, it wouldn’t commit to subversion unless you removed the ‘optimize imports’ feature. Then, the debugger stopped working for incoming web requests, but it worked fine for debugging unit … Continue reading

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iphone mail – Fail

Wrote my longest ever email on the iphone mail program last night. It went into power save mode a couple times while composing it, and then I sent it. The message is gone. Not in Inbox, Drafts or Sent items. … Continue reading

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(micro)Scaling A Legacy Web App

I’ve got a client running survey software, Sawtooth WinCati, that was originally written in the 80’s for phone interviewing. The latest version has an ASP web app attached to the original software. Now, it’s hard for a small business to … Continue reading

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I have to load test only survey software for a client. Ran into some bugs w/ Jmeter Proxy feature, but once I got it going…well, I love this tool! It’s been around long enough that most features and statistics I … Continue reading

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Selenium Grid on EC2

I configured the demo for Selenium Grid on EC2. It ran fine as a grid on my local box, but had some issues running over EC2. Mainly the browsers were just hanging instead of executing their scripts. I got quick … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2

Got going w/ Amazon EC2 instances last week. ElasticFox certainly made for a nice gui admin tool. Few bugs, but overall good. The only thing that kills me is Amazon’s decision to not offer a 64bit small instance (or a … Continue reading

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Dead body found in Google Maps!

Click here to check it out live on Google Maps! (No this isn’t a Rick Roll ) Can’t believe someone managed to sneak this in the production version… đŸ™‚

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Building a better nextbus iphone site

Nextbus sends my shiny new 3g iphone to their lame mobile site. The iphone can handle the superior ajax interface, so why redirect me and  impede my experience? So, like I any code dev, I started monkeying with fixing it. … Continue reading

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Is Linux ready to be your desktop OS in 2008?

No. Not for lack of trying, but I’m looking into installing XenServer Express (as soon as I upgrade to a VT supported cpu), and running Ubuntu side by side with Windows while sharing data between the two with NFS. I … Continue reading

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