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Porn marketing with Twitter (aka Adult Friend Requests)

Well, they do say that the sex industry does a better job of adopting the newest technology. And in that spirit, I got my first Twitter porn spam. I don’t even use twitter all that much, but when I get … Continue reading

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Google Analytics gotcha with java properties files

The unique id given by Google Analytics comes with dashes in it. Refactoring your GA id’s into java properties files will silently kill the variable substitution due to the id’s hyphens. Escape the hyphens to solve the problem. UA-7341234-1 (will … Continue reading

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Safari 4 is replacing FF3 on my Mac

Except when I need add-ons. But damn is it fast for non-work browsing. And the visual history and bookmarking rock!

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Eclipse doesn’t have wild card Find function in 2009?

Wow, version 3.4.2 on linux 64-bit. Can’t search through the current page using a wild card. It’s supposed to be there (Regular expressions), but maybe somebody made a mistake in this build of eclipse? Just finding a lot of commonly … Continue reading

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Apple iPhoto Flickr Sharing Doesn’t Include Video?

I am continually disappointed with iPhoto’s connectivity. The Apple team cripples it every time. It won’t put videos on Flickr? It throws away meta data when uploading to Facebook? Have you ever tried to upload iPhoto controlled albums by hand? … Continue reading

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Jquery autocomplete plugin fix for single click focus

Jquery autocomplete forces a double click to get the drop down to show up. That’s no good for me. I’m using the jQuery autocomplete plugin instead of a Select box drop down. It needs to have the attributes of a … Continue reading

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FlickrJ’s ThreadLocal gotcha

If you use Desktop license from Flickr, you have to use the RequestContext class as follows from the FlickrJ examples: Auth token =; RequestContext.getRequestContext().setAuth(token); RequestContext stores the token in a ThreadLocal variable. To be brief, I’m running an app … Continue reading

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Where I find value from Twitter

I usually find twitter to be pretty worthless for me my life. However, tonight (April Fool’s Eve), I went to youtube. Got a 500 error. So, I went to: However, they don’t parse error messages, so they reported that … Continue reading

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Setting up Hudson, Maven and Jetty Service on Windows

One gotcha with this setup. By default, Hudson will correctly persist all the jobs you create into C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\.hudson However, Hudson will not attempt to load any of  jobs or configuration from this default location after your first reboot … Continue reading

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